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Loading Screen Riverleap, iPhone game
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The What Fer:

BLURB: Fast-action, graphically lush, 3D platformer. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Near-Instant Load Times: make quick, exciting game sessions.

STORY: You burst from an irradiated fish egg into a treacherous river world. Struggle to grow up in a Mutant South as Hilly Boys, Clay Gar and other nasty predators grind you to grannymeal!

GAMEPLAY: Smashum dump barrels to go rampagin as a toxic fish beast. Jump on old tires to bounce above the canopy. Swim in old sixer rings to slow down. Tweet deathnotes from inside the game.

Riverleap iTunes link app store videogameo

  Bear and Boy looking at Riverleap iPhone game
Gar Mouth Open and Snapping Riverleap iPhone game
Calm Night in Riverleap, an iPhone game
Bloody Boy eating Riverleap, iPhone game
Dying Death Riverleap iPhone game
Death Screen Riverleap iPhone Game
Wee Child Killin Screen Riverleap iPhone game
Riverleap Music blues music river music no music videogameo
Turpentine Moonshite Drink XXX Riverleap iPhone game
Mouth Transmission Fluid Moonshine Riverleap iPhone game
Sleeping Horses Moonshine XXX Riverleap iPhone game
Bear Girls Play Riverleap iPhone game
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Riverleap is by Brian Schrank. Game was built in Unity.

All music is public domain: "Pretty Polly" is by Dock Boggs, "Dark Holler" by Clarence Ashley, "A Spoonful Blues" by Charley Patton, "Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues" by Skip James.

Special Thanks to Nathan Piazza, Geoff Thomas, Ben Medler, and Digger.


Riverleap iTunes link app store videogameo


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